55 minutes | Jan 13th 2021

Companion to Mae Toone Conversation

Some of the groups discussed in "Conversations #6 - Mae Toone(Torso, Ritual Control, etc)"



All Bets Off - Mellowharsher

Look Back and Laugh - Blinders

Operation Ivy - Knowledge

Blitz - Never Surrender

A Global Threat - Stop the Violence

Ritual Control - Some Old Scars/It Will Never End

Rabies - Disease Core

Warkrime - No More

Punch - Not So Posi After All

Neighborhood Brats - We Own The Night

Torso - Community Psychosis/Waste of Time

Annihilation Time - Dogends

Luxe - Harsh Reality

Crucifix - No Limbs

Tragedy - Conflicting Ideas

Fireburn - Suspect

Inside Out - By A Thread/Sacrifice

AFI - A Single Second

L7 - Shitlist

Hole - Violet/Doll Parts

Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There

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