69 minutes | Jun 1, 2021

Ep 10 - D.B.Cooper

In episode 10, Anna & Joey from the podcast "Blood Is Thicker" join me to discuss one of the longest and most exhaustive investigations in American history. Disguise. A bomb. 4 parachutes. $200 thousand dollars.A new aircraft device.Several investigations.False leads.6 Confusing letters.and Loki??Resources: - History’s Greatest Mysteries, 11/2020https://youtu.be/PVB6MLduO1Q- FBI Website, 7/12/2016https://www.fbi.gov/history/famous-cases/db-cooper-hijacking- By Rytis Beresnevicius, 11/22/19https://www.aerotime.aero/24238-db-cooper-story- Lesley Kennedy, 11/2/20https://www.history.com/news/db-cooper-case-fbi-letters- S1 E1 - D.B. Cooper: Case Closed? Get unprecedented perspective from insiders into the baffling case of the man who, in 1971, hijacked a Northwest Orient flight, demanded $200 thousand in cash, and disappeared. https://watch.historyvault.com/shows/d-b-cooper-case-closed/season-1/episode-1- Daniel DeMay, SeattlePI - Jan. 4, 2018https://www.seattlepi.com/seattlenews/article/Investigators-Codes-in-D-B-Cooper-letter-12472032.php#taboola-28
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