77 minutes | Dec 5, 2020

058 - I'm Aaron Carter and I Did NOT Blow a Seal!

He is a child of Florida, thrust into the spotlight at a young age, this celebrity sibling found massive success with Nickelodeon and Disney, singing and acting to the joy of children and pre-teens around the world. He burst into fame by opening for his brother's band, the Backstreet Boys.As a young man, he dated Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan at the same time! Besides girl problems, he has money problems. His parents mismanaged his earnings so badly, at the time of his 18th birthday, he received only $2 million dollars out of an estimated $200 million dollars he had earned to date and then we briefly discuss the Coogan Law. He files bankruptcy and owes the IRS $1.3 million in back taxes, but in only a year, he pays all of his outstanding debts.Like a young Vanilla Ice, he enjoyed racing motorcycles and stars in the movie Supercross, which is said to be based on his life. He and his family get all real on the reality television show; House of Carters.We breakdown the mysteries of Florida cuisine, why buyings is better than renting and how to be "the acoustic douche at the party." He's never done meth or crack, but he has beat Shaq. It's the magnificent musical minor, the little brother like no other, it's time for the Commiserate Chronicle of Aaron Carter!Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: www.crimeinmusic.comTweet Us: www.twitter.com/crimeinmusicIG: www.instagram.com/crimeinusicFaceBook: www.facebook.com/crimeinmusicThis show is a proud member of the Pantheon Podcast network.
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