65 minutes | May 1, 2020

046 - I'm Flavor Flav and I'm NOT an Enemy of the Public Anymore!

From a young age, he was a musical prodigy. At the age of 5 he taught himself piano and 14 other instruments. He sang in the church choir like an angel, but burned down his house playing with lighters like a little devil. Raised in the mean streets of Long Island NY. After graduating culinary school, while attending University, he pairs up with a graphic design student named Chuck and together they start a rap group called Public Enemy! At 1st, Rick Rubin, of Def Jam Records, didn’t understand the purpose of a hype man and almost singed Chuck to a solo deal, but you can’t deny a man wearing a wall clock around his neck! After getting busted for scalping baseball tickets and serving his time, he moves back in to his mom’s house and gives rehab a try, for a little while at least. With the reality TV monster calling, he moves to California and switches his career to the small screen. Press Play-Record and get ready to save, its the Flawed Fable of Flavor Flav! Leave an Anonymous SpeakPipe Voice Msg: www.crimeinmusic.com Tweet Us: www.twitter.com/crimeinmusic IG: www.instagram.com/crimeinusic FaceBook: www.facebook.com/crimeinmusic

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