22 minutes | Feb 21st 2021

Deep in the Heart of Creeptown [S1E10]

The stories featured on today’s episode in order:   'Creepy 'activist' at my door and peeping in my windows at night, and the officer that let him go' by Reddit user ask-me-about-my-ween  ‘Gross Old Man at the Drive Thru'  by Amanda Gatton    'The 'photographer' in the Woods' by Reddit user surfhazzard     'The Time I was Almost Abducted by a Serial Killer' by Reddit user  Meepitesque'The Man in the Closet' by Reddit user Smile-Fearless  _________________________________________________  Visit our website at creeptownpodcast.com for all of our episodes and links.     Follow us on Instagram @CreeptownPodcast  If you have a true story that you would like to hear narrated on the show, please send it to Stories@creeptownpodcast.com
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