57 minutes | Dec 2, 2019

4. Driving Your Creative Career + The 5 Moves Storytelling Method | with Karl Stelter

We are all storytellers at heart, and that is true even of our marketing! To make the marketing of your creative craft as effective as possible, I’m going to share the Five Moves Storytelling Method, a simple way to make sure you are telling succinct, captivating stories.And speaking of storytelling, today we talk to Karl Stelter, a filmmaker and a good friend of mine, about his creative journey, having a mindset for constantly improving, and the importance of a daily writing habit.You can learn more and find the complete show notes at GinaIreland.comResources:Learn more: www.karlstelter.comVimeo: www.vimeo.com/karlstelterE-mail: karl@karlstelter.comGet my FREE step-by-step guide to creating your authentic marketing message at www.ginaireland.comCreators Marketing Method is a production of Crate Media
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