45 minutes | Nov 25, 2019

3. Marketing Gems for Jewelry Designers & Creative Entrepreneurs + Instagram Growth Strategies | with Brittany Jang

Instagram is one of my favorite platforms and one of the most important places to spread the word of your creative practice. So today, I start off with a few of my favorite Instagram growth strategies, and then we get to talk with Brittany Jang.Brittany is an expert in all things marketing and operations when it comes to jewelry brands! She’s going to give all of you lots of wisdom to help build your businesses, whether that’s in jewelry or other creative fields. She is just a ball of positivity and I can’t wait for you to hear all that she has to say!You can learn more and find the complete show notes at GinaIreland.comResources:LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/brittanyjangInstagram: www.instagram.com/brittjangAll-Hashtags.comGet my FREE step-by-step guide to creating your authentic marketing message at www.ginaireland.comCreators Marketing Method is a production of Crate Media
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