47 minutes | Nov 17, 2019

2. Keeping A Strong Entrepreneur Partnership + The Carve The Turkey Content Method | with Jessica & Ronda

I have known these two beautiful ladies, Jessica and Ronda, for a lot of my life. They have really paved the way for my own entrepreneurship journey. They both are an incredible example of partnership and aligning your values and priorities to create a powerful and long-lasting relationship.As two busy adults, they have some sage wisdom on starting a business, jiving with your partner, and creating content while staying creatively inspired!You can learn more and find the complete show notes at GinaIreland.comResources:www.empowerpartnerscoaching.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/empowerpartnerscoachingInstagram: www.instagram.com/empowerpartnersTranscription service: www.rev.comGet my FREE step-by-step guide to creating your authentic marketing message at www.ginaireland.comCreators Marketing Method is a production of Crate Media
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