9 minutes | Mar 9, 2020

15. How to Get Things Done When Energy is Low

Today I want to talk about something that has been on my mind and that I’ve been combating myself. A lot of you are moms, your business is your side hustle, and you’re really pinched for time and energy. What well are you going to pull all the energy needed to get done from?We’ve all been there! I’ve been struggling with an autoimmune issue lately, and it makes my energy levels lower, but I still have things I want and need to do. How do you figure out how to still get things done when you aren’t feeling it?In this episode we talk about:Listening to your body and paring back non-essentialsNot letting low energy be an excuseDefining your “why” and using it to motivate yourselfYou can learn more and find the complete show notes at GinaIreland.comResources:Get my FREE step-by-step guide to creating your authentic marketing message at www.ginaireland.comCreators Marketing Method is a production of Crate Media
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