47 minutes | Feb 20th 2020

Saving the world one recycled glue stick and jar of biodegrable glitter at a time. Small steps crafty folks can take to help the environment.

Tiffany Threadgould the GVP of Design and Engineering at TerraCycle, Inc & Loop Global stops by to talk about crafting, recycling and how to join those two in more than just your average up-cycled project. You might know Terracycle as a company that turns old diapers and cigarette butts into park benches. Did you know they can recycle glue stick tubes, spent markers and party balloons too? Loop is another exciting endeavor from Terracycle where currently you can get your Pantene shampoo, Clorox wipes and countless other brands sent to you in a reusable container. When you are done you send the container in, they fill it up and send it back. Imagine if we could do that with craft paint bottles! It might be happening sooner than you think.

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