31 minutes | Feb 26, 2017

Episode 33 Writing for the Web With Elna Cain

The one where I pick Elna Cain's brain about writing for the web. Some of the Links Mentioned Twins Mommy Elna Cain Write Your Way to Your First 1K Create Your Ideal Audience Avatar  Coschedule Headline Analyzer Advanced Marketing Institute Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer Elna's Top Tips for Writing for the Web Know your audience - who are you writing for? Ask them what they want. Find your voice - again, remember who you are writing for. It's not "all about you" - write for your reader. Help them. Topics that work: "how to" posts, authentic writing (share your mistakes), round-ups and lists.  Headlines - use power words (eg the worst, genius, hacks, secret) and test them. SEO - use Pinterest initially for researching keywords. Make reading your post a nice experience by using clear formatting and white space. "Don't compare your chapter one to someone else's chapter twenty" - Elna Cain
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