1 minutes | Feb 29th 2020

Be Understanding

Throughout my career, I’ve interviewed a lot of people and there’s a lot that I’ve picked up along the way. For you as a marketer, you’ve had opportunities, or instances, in which you needed to interview other people. 

There are certain things you want to keep in mind as you approach people and begin working with people in this interview context. One of them is to be understanding.

Things come up. Just the other day, I had four interviews scheduled back to back and two of them had to cancel. One person happened to be stuck in an airport and the other person simply worked all day long and needed a break. He knew himself well enough that he wouldn’t perform well in the interview and asked to reschedule. 

Both are rescheduled and, worst case scenario, I got back two hours of my life on that particular day (and I still have those interviews scheduled). 

Again, things will happen. Be flexible. Be understanding.

Interview Tips from @RealJeffLarge