25 minutes | Jun 23, 2021

Eps 158: How to Ensure You Get Results as a Coaching Client

Hiring a business coach is one of the fastest ways to see you hitting your income goals. But it can also be scary plunking down that chunk of change when nobody can absolutely guarantee your results. Working with a coach is like tango. It takes two. And as a coach yourself, your know this to be true. So when hiring a coach yourself consider what it takes to not only make back your investment but how can you multiply that investment 10 to 20 fold. This consideration is gold because not only will the points I share in this podcast episode turn your coaching hire decisions into a virtual golden egg laying goose, you'll have a more clear idea on how you want your own clients to show up. We all want happy clients, and ensure that they get the results that they signed up for. Happy clients, happy coach! Show notes: https://www.blissbeyondnaptime.com/how-to-ensure-you-get-results-as-a-coaching-client  
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