26 minutes | May 27, 2021

Ep 154: Five Ways to Get into a Beloved Content Creating Habit

Creating consistent clients in our coaching, mentoring or other one on one service providing biz comes from creating consistent content. And as much as it would be sweet to outsource this task the heart of all your copy, engagement and reaching out to your ideal client needs to come from you. And come from you on the regular. And with anything else in life that we know is good for us, and will either bring us what we want (more clients) or prevent what we don't want (no clients) our brain's going to resist. So we need to do what do for every other area of our life we're looking to improve, but are brains are trying to keep us lazy. We create habits. Of course, our brains think new habits suck as well so I have some tips to create habits that your brain says yes to, so you can have your future clients saying yes to you too. Because you're showing up with content on the daily, in ways that feels natural and endorphin rich AND inspires your clients to get results. https://www.blissbeyondnaptime.com/five-ways-to-get-into-a-beloved-content-creating-habit
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