33 minutes | Apr 14, 2021

Terry Blas

This week we talk pop culture in a major way with comic book writer and illustrator Terry Blas. Our discussion runs the gamut from using art as an educational tool, how the financial cost and intended audience of a piece contribute to its legitimacy in the art community, all the way to Ariana Grande and Marvel! It’s a real rollercoaster y’all. Check it out!You can check out Terry Blas’ work at:http://terryblas.com/@terryblas on twitter and @terryblas on instagramThis podcast is hosted by Pearson Kunz and produced by CJT3Follow us at:http://creatingpdx.com@creatingpdx on Twitter, Instagram, & FacebookThis podcast was produced by:Wolf & Thunder Productions - http://wolfandthunder.comGolden Pride Productions - http://goldenprideproductions.com
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