29 minutes | Dec 16, 2020

Sossity Chiricuzio

We have a crackling conversation with writer and organizer Sossity Chiricuzio this week. In this interview, we get into the necessity of safe queer spaces, the importance of making events accessible to everyone, and the need to de-center white perspectives in the future of portland art. Get ready to get chills y’all!You can check out Sossity Chiricuzio’s work at:http://Sossitywrites.comhttp://Dirtyqueer.com@sossitywrites@dirtyqueerjournalThis podcast is hosted by Pearson Kunz and produced by Charles Thompson IIIFollow us at:http://creatingpdx.com@creatingpdx on Twitter, Instagram, & FacebookThis podcast was produced by:Wolf & Thunder Productions - http://wolfandthunder.comGolden Pride Productions - http://goldenprideproductions.com
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