17 minutes | Apr 27th 2021

106 - The Five Meditations – Part 3

Meditative practices have helped guide Aviv through challenging events in his life. By developing these practices, Aviv hopes that listeners can discover the profound impact of these techniques and experience the many blessings and new doors of possibilities that can open for them as a result. In this Part Three, Aviv addresses the fourth and fifth meditative practices that have helped him navigate both his personal and professional experiences. Aviv expounds on the power of prayer, repetition of affirmations and contemplative inquiries and showcases how he’s integrated these techniques in his everyday life. 00:41 – Aviv introduces today’s topic, The Five Meditations – Part 3 02:30 – Aviv reviews the first three meditative techniques before delving into the final two of this series 05:44 – Aviv expounds on the fourth meditative technique he practices 10:32 – Aviv speaks to the fifth and final meditative technique he practices 14:57 – Aviv poses two final thoughts to stimulate listeners’ contemplation 16:03 – Now it’s your turn, discover the meditation practices that work best for you Full show notes: http://www.avivconsulting.com/cnf106
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