30 minutes | Aug 11, 2021

Luigi Prestinenzi, Sales IQ Group; S02E18, CRE Success: The Podcast

Luigi Prestinenzi, the Co-Founder & Head of Growth at Sales IQ Group, is passionate about selling.  Luigi joins Darren Krakowiak on this episode of CRE Success: The Podcast to talk about his mission to empower sales professionals and teams to become the best they can be.  Luigi is the host of the Sales IQ Podcast - which features Mindset Mondays and weekly interviews with some of the world's leading voices on sales. For details about CRE Success: Membership, go to cresuccess.co/membership   CRE Success: The Podcast is online at cresuccess.co/podcast   To share this episode or your thoughts on it, tag us on social media: @cresuccess or use our hashtag: #cresuccess
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