27 minutes | May 19, 2021

Episode 9 – Never, ever end your presentation with a Q & A session. Never!

Contrary to popular belief, one of the ways even the best presentations can be derailed is by closing with a Q and A session. If you are presenting like this, it is absolutely time to make a change! In this episode of the Crazy Good Talks® Podcast, Deirdre Van Nest shares why it’s a mistake to close your presentation with a Q and A session, and how to keep the audience interested until the very end of your  presentation. You will learn: How you should be ending your presentations so that you and your audience never experience the ‘FOOSH factor’  The 3 KEY places to hold your Q and A session The mindset needed to take control of your stage and own the room when you’re holding a Q and A session THE strategy that will redirect questions you don’t want to answer  And more! Tune in to learn why you need to be the last voice ringing in your audience’s ears! Resources: Crazy Good Talks® | Deirdre Van Nest
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