74 minutes | Apr 8, 2019

🇬🇧 Creative Business Thinking with Linda Hörnfeldt of Social Brand Lab.

In this episode I have the pleasure to speak to Linda Hörnfeldt, one of the people that I absolutely admire and use as a mentor (sometimes without them knowing that!) Linda, who calls herself an Influencer Strategist, is the founder of Influencers of Sweden, has a very popular blog lalinda.se plys two cool podcasts (search Linda Hörnfeldt on your favorite podcast app and you'll find them) and recently released online course - the best online course that I have taken part in yet to date (and I have done quite a few!): Social Brand Lab. I am telling you, dear listeners - it's the most well spend educational money! At the moment only in Swedish, but let's keep our fingers crossed that this awesome course will be available in English one day. (Don't worry, the episode is in English!) We talk about what regular people can learn from influencers when it comes to creative business thinking - and what you need to do as an influencer to stand out. She gives hands on advice on what to do to level up your professional game and on how to get more followers on your social media platforms. Plus, since I love her so much, this is a conversation filled with warmth, boost and laughter. And some childhood memories from two computer nerds.  Enjoy!  This episode is also available on YouTube, check it out here. Enjoy!  If you like this podcast, it would make me really happy if you subscribe, rate and review. And of course, follow Creativity House on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you!  Until next time!   (Original music composed by Erik Sandström for Creativity House. All rights reserved.)
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