43 minutes | Jul 14, 2021

My Heart's Garden with Charity Rios

Every kid has emotions and often times parents do not know how to help their kid's process through them. Can you relate? This week's podcast equips all parents with an amazing tool called Tending Your Heart. Charity Rios, the author of My Heart's Garden, shares how her heart healing journey led her to write a children's book. Her freedom is beautifully written to teach kids how to take their emotions to God and replace lies for truth. 

You will want to buy this book after listening to Charity!

Why? Because our world is going crazy! We need God's truth to be a voice in our kid's heads and hearts. This week's podcast can equip all parents (no matter what age your kids are) to help their family walk out of the enemy's lies and into God's healing truth! 

Here are links to buying the book + CCF resources: 

Check it out! Go buy the book + journal!  www.charityrios.com

Instagram: @claritywithcharity

Facebook: Charity Rios, author www.crazycoolfamily.com  www.instagram.com/crazycoolfamily 

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