34 minutes | Jul 12, 2021

234_Ian Maciak AKA: Ianhitsdrums- Machinedrum/Solo

Drummer Ian Maciak aka @ianhitsdrums talks about hunkering down and developing his home studio during COVID, his work with the group Machinedrum & the process of doubling sequenced drums with live drums (as well as the hopes for some big touring/production plans), how electronic music itself was a bigger influence rather than other drummers interpretations of it, how he rarely practices hand technique, his High School band instructor that also gave him lessons on the kit, his take on altering snare sounds, his go-to Sugar Percussion drums, producing online content, Telefon Tel Aviv as an influence,  & much more!Insta: @anhitsdrumsPatreon.com/ianhitsdrumsMachinedrum album ‘A View of U’ is out on all platforms!
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