31 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

231_Justin Sherrell & Phil SanGiacomo-Somnuri__Brooklyn Drumming Series.19

Drummer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist Justin Sherrell and drummer Phil SanGiacomo of Somnuri stop in to talk their new record Nefarious Wave, the process of recording it, mixing it, the slow build up with videos and press all leading up to the June 4th release, bong hits and feral children in the woods, Justin’s first (stolen) franken-kit and the how the subsequent convalescence from being shot led to him playing guitar, how Public Enemy & Pantera were game changers, ubiquitous rednecks, their best show -vs-their not so great show, another absurd round of names for Phil & a whole lot more!https://www.bluesfuneral.com/products/us-order-somnuri-nefarious-wave-worldwide-lphttps://somnuri.bandcamp.com/
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