64 minutes | May 3, 2021

225_Scott Pellegrom- Clinician, Studio Drummer, Instructor

Drummer, clinician & instructor Scott Pellegrom talks about re-calibrating his priorities during COVID, maximizing one’s creativity on the kit and looking to alternative sources of inspiration, how Poison (the band) lead him to an electronic/ NIN Inch Nails obsession, Jazz snobbery, the lineage of altering acoustic kits,  Yes & King Crimson live in the 70’s, our mutual fascination with the 90’s (and 91’ in particular), Dave Grohl as the Ringo of the 90’s, His experience with Neil Peart’s kit, misconceptions on foot technique, high energy kids in school, drum yoda’s & social shape shifters, monkeys & exotic birds,  plus much more!https://www.scottpellegrom.com/
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