23 minutes | Mar 24, 2020

30: Using Departmental Differences to Build, Not Divide w/ Jennifer Knowles

There’s only one you in the world. We’re told this from a young age. “Embrace your YOUniqueness.” Why, then, do we assume every group in our organization operates the same way? In this #Perks episode of Crafting Culture, co-host Kate Marshall catches up with Head of HR at Sendoso, Jennifer Knowles. Kate and Jennifer discuss: How to honor the uniqueness of each organizational department Why celebrating our differences matters Living and breathing your core values while accepting departmental differences The #Perks series on Crafting Culture is brought to you by Zestful. Zestful makes daily recognition and rewards a breeze with its consolidated and easy-to-use employee perks platform. To learn more, visit zestful.com/craftingculture. Listen to this and all our other Crafting Culture episodes with Apple Podcast, Spotify, or on our website.  
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