13 minutes | Feb 27, 2020

26: How to Balance Employee and Customer Priorities w/ Ryan Kohler

If you had to bet everything you own on one to win the Indy 500, would you choose:  A 5-year-old driving the fastest car ever made or Michael Schumacher driving a lawnmower? Yeah… either way, you’d end up broke. That’s because the best car and best driver aren’t aligned.  Crafting a perfect company culture is the same: It’s all about aligning your promises to customers with your promises to employees.  That’s what the latest episode of Crafting Culture is all about — cultural alignment.  In it, I go over: Why culture is another name for the promises you make Why carving a niche matters for both customers and employees How to strike a compromise between customer and employee priorities To listen to this episode and many more like it, subscribe to Crafting Culture on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or follow along on our website.  
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