37 minutes | Feb 18, 2020

24: How to Mix Nature & Nurture in Business w/ Liz Ratto

Where is the line between company culture and just doing business?  Even if it’s a little blurry, there has to be one. Right? After all, you can’t spare someone’s feelings at the expense of the entire company. To explore this paradox further, co-host Kate Marshall of Zestful catches up with Liz Ratto, the head of people at Cedar, Inc. The two discuss: Building a nurturing environment at a startup Navigating the reality of a startup while still catering to its employees Developing a culture that normalizes feedback, growth, and change The #Perks series on Crafting Culture is brought to you by Zestful. Zestful makes daily recognition and rewards a breeze with its consolidated and easy-to-use employee perks platform. To learn more, visit zestful.com/craftingculture. Listen to this and all our other Crafting Culture episodes with Apple Podcast, Spotify, or on our website.
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