35 minutes | Feb 4, 2020

20: Building Culture From the Ground Up w/ Catie Case

Being part of a new company can be a very ambiguous time. No one’s really telling you what to do — you just hopefully make the right decision. Many times there’s not an established HR role. How do you make sure you’re developing a positive work culture that helps your organization grow? In this #perk episode of Crafting Culture, co-host Kate Marshall catches up with CADRE’s Culture & Events Manager, Catie Case. Catie is one all too familiar with pulling a company’s culture out of — essentially — thin air. The two discuss: Growing in your career as your company also grows. Getting people involved in new work culture initiatives. Coming up with creative culture ideas for your specific organization. The #perk series is co-hosted by Kate Marshall, Head of Content at Zestful. Zestful makes daily recognition and rewards a breeze with its consolidated and easy-to-use employee perks platform. To learn more, visit zestful.com/craftingculture. To listen to this episode and many more like it, subscribe to Crafting Culture on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or follow along on our website.
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