73 minutes | Aug 1, 2021

Episode 5 - Wrestling Well with God through Recurrent Loss with Kristin Hernandez

Join us for a conversation with Kristin Hernandez, author of Sunlight in December, about wrestling well with God through recurrent pregnancy loss. Kristin shares her story of losing five babies: a baby boy, Ethan, due to a life-limiting condition, and four precious babies to early miscarriage.In her heartbreak, Kristin discusses with Ashley how she turned to her faith in God and embraced the suffering. She believes that God will meet moms in the storm of grief and show them His goodness.In this episode, we discussed: Wrestling well with God through loss and pain What does wrestling with God mean and how do we wrestle in a healthy way? How to navigate a life-limiting diagnosis in pregnancy Not having answers for why miscarriage and recurrent loss happens How grief exposes errors in our theology The problem with prosperity thinking Why we should expect and embrace suffering Finding God's goodness in the messy middle of grief Why our hope isn't (and shouldn't be) in a rainbow baby Surrendering our desires for God's will How we can turn to God even when we doubt Him Guest Info | Kristin HernandezKristin is a writer, podcaster, wife, and mother to six children—one in her arms and five with Jesus. Kristin is the author of Sunlight in December and the co-host of the Through the Lens podcast.www.sunlightindecember.comEPISODE SHOW NOTES, FULL TRANSCRIPT, & FREE PDF HOPE GUIDE:www.bridgetscradles.com/post/episode5CRADLED IN HOPE PODCAST WEBSITE:Sign up here to receive email updates and hope-filled resourceswww.bridgetscradles.com/podcastCRADLED IN HOPE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY FOR GRIEVING MOMS:www.facebook.com/groups/cradledinhopeFOLLOW BRIDGET'S CRADLESwww.facebook.com/bridgetscradleswww.instagram.com/bridgetscradleswww.pinterest.com/bridgetscradlesCONNECT WITH THE HOST | ASHLEY OPLIGERwww.ashleyopliger.comwww.facebook.com/ashleyopligerwww.instagram.com/ashleyopliger#cradledinhope #cradledinhopepodcast #bridgetscradles★ Support this podcast ★
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