43 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

Episode 10 - Startup Marketing: What Works and what Wastes your Money and Time?

For all startups on a budget, spending money and time on marketing is possibly one of the most frustrating of all activities... Just when you thought a social media or google ads campaign would lead to customers lining up for your latest gizmo, all you get is silence and the inevitable bill. Like a casino, marketing is supposed to be the sexy, fun side of business. But like a casino, marketing can drain your business of precious money and time.Have you been affected? Do you want to turn the marketing odds in your favour? Then listen to this show’s expert guest and marketing specialist, Victoria Bradley. A serial entrepreneur and seasoned startup advisor, Vics shares how you can build a business on a shoestring marketing budget. Tune in and learn how to apply common-sense tactics and strategies that will give your venture the best chance of survival and growth. Full of practical tips and advice, this is a must-listen episode for any startup student or entrepreneur seeking to succeed.A bit of Podcast background...UK-based Peter Harrington set up his first business following graduation in York in 1989. He has since started and grown several companies in various sectors including research, marketing, design, print, educational software and consultancy. Over the last 30+ years, Peter has employed over 1,000 people and experienced many highs and a few lows including burglaries, floods, fire and of course the most recent pandemic.As well as being the CEO with the SimVenture team, Peter is also an Entrepreneur in Residence at the London School of Economics and London South Bank University.Big thanks to LSE Generate, the SimVenture Team and Seajam Moths for supporting the Startup Survival Podcast.Find Guest details and all Reference SourcesThe full podcast series together with additional materials, guest details and hyperlinks to all episode reference sources is available on Peter Harrington's Blog 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to Entrepreneurship'.
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