30 minutes | Jul 5, 2021

Create a Match Game Plan in 2 days S4E35

Do you struggle with consistently dating & courting men for at least 30 days? The first 90 days of courtship is important in order for a relationship to move to a more serious commitment. This is the time where connection and communication are key. But if you feel like this period is the hardest milestone for you to break, it's important for you to push past your barriers by creating a Match Game Plan. If you've been experiencing hot and cold courtships or feel as though you're just not enjoying the process and don't feel any closer to meeting your Mr. Right, this podcast breaks down why you may be struggling with the first 30 days of courtship. Signup for the NEW Free Be Your Own Matchmaker 2 Day Challenge www.captivatingcourtship.com/beyourownmatchmaker Follow Zara on Instagram @zarajcaptivatingcourtship Other ways to Captivate Courtship: Join signature Captivating Courtship Code coaching program www.captivatingcourtship.com/apply Breakup with Your Type Masterclass www.captivatingcourtship.com/paplive Join VIP Match Queen waitlist www.captivatingcourtship.com/vip
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