42 minutes | Jul 12, 2021

3 Steps to Be Your Own Matchmaker S4E36

In my years of matchmaking one thing I noticed was a major disconnect between what women desire for their love life vs how they were showing up with men. And one thing they lacked, especially women over 30, was a greater understanding of how to move their love life forward, quickly. You don’t have to make these same mistakes. You can be your own matchmaker and no longer let love come naturally when you can be intentional and get to prioritizing your relationship goals. In today's episode I’m breaking down with you 3 key steps for you to work on being your own matchmaker and how to begin creating a game plan for meeting your match so you can stop wasting time, and confidently court compatible men for commitment. Signup for the NEW Free Be Your Own Matchmaker 2 Day Challenge www.captivatingcourtship.com/beyourownmatchmaker Follow Zara on Instagram @zarajcaptivatingcourtship Other ways to Captivate Courtship: Join signature Captivating Courtship Code coaching program www.captivatingcourtship.com/apply Breakup with Your Type Masterclass www.captivatingcourtship.com/paplive Join VIP Match Queen waitlist www.captivatingcourtship.com/vip
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