32 minutes | Jul 9, 2021

#363 - What is difference between Click eCourse and Click4Course?

What an interesting find! I was searching for other course hosting platforms and found this. I guess someone else thought that “click something” was a great name for a web site. So, I checked it out and will be reporting back here what I found out about the site. In this comparison guide, I’ll show you the main differences between these two platforms and you can decide which is best for you. What is Click4Course? According to Click4Coure’s website, it’s a course hosting platform where you can sell your course or you can host courses for your employees. They have 4 different plans, one for those who want to sell their course and 3 for businesses wanting to host for their students. I wasn’t able to see how their UI to create courses or navigate their site is though because their account creation is manual Their features page talks about support for video, PDF, PowerPoint, surveys and quizzes. What is Click eCourse? The main purpose... READ MORE and WATCH VIDEO at https://jeansergegagnon.com/course-income-secrets-363---what-is-difference-between-click-ecourse-and-click4course/
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