35 minutes | Jul 2, 2021

#362 - What is difference between Click eCourse and Kajabi platforms?

If you’ve ever thought about creating digital content online, you probably heard about Kajabi. It’s definitely a great option if you’re looking for an all-in-one platform. Click eCourse is also a platform that includes lots of tools and features but it might not be the one for you. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the differences between those two platforms so you can decide which one is for you. What is Kajabi? Kajabi is a course hosting platform and they describe themselves as: Everything you need for your knowledge business all in one place. When you visit their site, the talk about online courses, membership site and coaching programs hosting. They also mention how you don’t need to know any coding and you don’t need to integrate anything else for your knowledge based business since they, apparently, have every tool you’d need. Personally, I’ve not used Kajabi as a course creator, but I’ve used it as a student and it... READ MORE and WATCH VIDEO at https://jeansergegagnon.com/course-income-secrets-362---what-is-difference-between-click-ecourse-and-kajabi-platforms/
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