45 minutes | Jun 18, 2021

#360 - What is difference between Click eCourse and SkillShare platform?

In this third comparison episode, we talk about SkillShare platform. Previously, we compared Click eCourse with Teachable (at http://cis358.jsgagnon.com) and with Udemy (at http://cis359.jsgagnon.com). Today, it’s all about SkillShare. What is SkillShare? SkillShare is a course hosting platform where students pay a monthly fee to access any courses they want and educators get paid based on how many minutes were watched of their courses. They have thousands of courses in hundreds of categories. Students can attend any courses when paying their premium monthly fee. Educators can choose to have their courses available for free of only to premium members. What is Click eCourse? Click eCourse is a course hosting platform and marketplace with social media features where student access is based on course prices and educators get paid 100% of what they sell the courses for. It is a new platform so there are just a handful of courses on it but it’s... READ MORE and WATCH VIDEO at https://jeansergegagnon.com/course-income-secrets-360---what-is-difference-between-click-ecourse-and-skillshare-platform/
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