34 minutes | Mar 15, 2021

#346 - How do you go about creating a new sales pitch from scratch?

I don’t know about you but I want freedom from my day job. Of course it’s critical that your focus be on helping other get results, at some point, you’ll have to create a sales pitch on something. Perhaps you can just replicate what others are doing. This is especially true if you are in a Network Marketing business. But what if you want to stand apart or you aren’t in an MLM? Where do you start? There’s certainly many ways to do this but first things first. Just like any other marketing task, you’ll need to define, or rather decide and define, your avatar. This is the “who your pitch is for” and should be as clear as possible. The clearer and more defined the better. If you’re like me, you’ll first feel you don’t want to exclude anyone by defining your avatar. Who is your pitch for? I know, it’s for everyone. The problem is if you make your pitch for everyone, it just won’t work. Trust me, I know! That’s why... READ MORE and WATCH VIDEO at https://jeansergegagnon.com/course-income-secrets-346---how-do-you-go-about-creating-a-new-sales-pitch-from-scratch/
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