52 minutes | Dec 28, 2020

Meet The Editorial Dream Team!

This episode features audio from a webinar hosted by the Women's and Gender-Non-Conforming Center at Berea College in October 2020 as a part of their virtual pride series.  In it, Rae Garringer is joined by the Editorial Dream Team: Sharon P. Holland, Hermelinda Cortés, and Lewis Raven Wallace.  We talk about how we came into story-telling and narrative-shifting work, who we are accountable to in this work, and how we think about and engage with the power dynamics at play in this work.   Season 2 will be dropping later in 2021, so in the meantime we'll be bringing you some bonus episodes throughout the winter and into the spring.  If this episode is too in the weeds for you, about behind-the-scenes details of how our team thinks about this work, rest assured: more rural queer and trans stories are coming your way soon, including an episode about queer and trans SHEPHERDS!!!  Stay warm and queer out there friends!   P.S. Learn more about this project at www.countryqueers.com. And, become a sustaining supporter of Country Queers on Patreon to help us pay more folks for the production of our 2nd Season!  
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