71 minutes | Sep 5, 2012

Drunk on VHS - Surviving "The Pest"

Hey Folks, got a bit of a rough one for you this week...well unless you're Cory G from the BloodBaths and Boom Sticks Podcast. You see, after last week's show with the 3BlackGeeks he wrote me declaring we got it wrong and that The Pest is really the best hunting humans movie ever. So I invited him on to defend his argument. Is he successful...well I'll leave that up to you (Read: not in my eyes, but I won't insult your intelligence).  For this week's Movie Memories the men discuss the manly action film Kill and Kill Again! The Sequel to Kill or Be Killed about a group of martial arts masters fighting against a ruthless cult leader named Marduk with the most amazing fake beard ever!  Listen, won't you? Find Cory G at: http://www.facebook.com/BloodbathsAndBoomsticks on twitter: @CoryGboomstick
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