83 minutes | Aug 29, 2012

Drunk on VHS Ice-T is a refreshing beverage

Every Issue is black and white and this week's guests has the black side covered. This week Moe welcomes Dee, Cj, and Dj Tsu a.k.a. 3BlackGeeks and I'm gonna warn you right now, things get GANGSTA! (I even got Thug Life tattooed on my stomach!) The Geeks and I start things off with the movie I have seen more than any other film ever, regular listeners of the show already know I'm talking about Surviving The Game! It's a great time as we discuss the film's lack of logical rationale, Do fairly impressive Gary Busey impressions, and talk about our love of F. Murray Abraham as a villain. Next Up I mix things up a little for Movie Memories and ask the 3BlackGeeks to pick one movie that has affected them all. They picked the 1991 crime thriller masterpiece, Mario Van Peebles' New Jack City. We discuss the film's impact on their life, on hip hop in general, how much Nino Brown and rappers love Scarface, Allen Payne's weird body hair, and why it's so weird to hear Ice-T talk about wanting to shoot someone so bad his dick is hard.  Plenty of tangents are made and the conversation never gets dull, Contact 3BlackGeeks on:  Facebook - Facebook.com/3BlackGeeks Twitter - @3BlackGeeks Their Blog - http://3blackgeeks.blogspot.com
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