103 minutes | Oct 23, 2012

Drunk on VHS - "Chicks, Man"

This week Moe brings on some lovely ladies to talk horror and help to fight Moe's crippling fear of talking to women. Up first we have Heather Seebach fromwww.Viewerdiscressionadvised.net, we discuss; Writing, Deadly Prey, Heather's Favorite horror films, Dead Alive making people vomit, Poop, Drag me To Hell and the other works of Sam Raimi, remakes, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, V/H/S, How Unsolved Mysteries still scares the crap out of us, and Moe's irrational fear of composite drawings  You can Follow Heather on twitter @VDA_Net Then Moe feels awkward in his bathing suit area and desperately needs the help of an adult as he talks with Jamie D Jenkins, blogger and podcasting femme fatale. They Discuss; Jamie's short film Secret Shopper, Getting older and still feeling sexy, Moe's sexy underwear collection, Salem's Lot, Jamie's unfortunate bladder response when someone taps on her window, horror stories, Jamie's top five horror films, the Demonic Toys movies Find Jamie's work at  www.Horrorphilia.com follow Jamie on twitter @Maven1974
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