76 minutes | Sep 25, 2012

Drunk on VHS - "0 out of 5"

Ever watched a movie so bad you wished there was a score worse than a 1, well this episode is dedicated to those extra special mountains of misery...The 0 out of 5's. This week Drunk on VHS welcomes on that master of the miserable and genius with a one line review, Slick Nick of Pop Peelings, a pop culture blog. Nick and I discuss the films we've given 0's to and what made each one so utterly unbearable. I can guarantee that at least 1 one these choices will be unpopular with you guys (Hint: It's not one of mine).  For Movie Memories we do a 180 and discuss Nick's favorite British film of all time This Is England. The Semi-Autobiographical story of Shane Meadows, the director of the film. It follows a group of skins in 1983 England as they try to figure out their identity and struggle with what's right.  Follow Slick Nick on FB Facebook.com/poppeelings follow the pop peelings blog http://poppeelings.wordpress.com
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