62 minutes | Sep 7, 2020

Q&A - The Stars, Health, and Energy!

Q&A time baby!!! On Episode 15 I’m answering your questions and I cover a lot!  As above, so below....we have to integrate it all because you’re a cosmic body!  What I talk about:  Manifesting  Enemas (that’s what she said!)  Parasite cleanse  My secret necklace  Mary Magdalene  Sooooo much about astrology  the 12th house in the birth chart  Past lives in birth chart  Saturn as your karma   Career in birth chart  How you grow into your chart  Anxiety & how to deal with it My daily routines/rituals for a healthy life  How Heal a broken heart  Twin flames  Nodes  Venus  Mars  Psychic abilities  How to clear a space and send spirits to the light and more!  Yeah it was pretty awesome!! :) might be one of my favorite solo ones! Ps I talked really fast at some points when I’m channeling the astrology to get it all in. We go way slower in class 🤣   Links Mentioned:  Astrology mystery school. Doors close September 15th! Join here: https://daniellepaige.convertri.com/astrology-mystery-school-level1   Use code: cosmicbody for 10% off with this link: https://www.blushield-us.com/?ref=66   Also thank you for your positive feedback and positive reviews. It helps me grow. I appreciate you!!
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