56 minutes | Jan 7, 2021

Breathwork and Healing from Emotional Trauma

This is such an important episode since breathe is life and without it we would not be here in our cosmic bodies having this physical experience.    Kurtis Lee Thomas (@manfromthestars) is a corporate mindfulness trainer, #1 best-selling author of The World is Yours, the secrets behind "the secret”, the founder of Breathwork Detox and just released his new book titled, How To Thrive in the age of Anxiety.    On this episode we talk about: -What breathwork is  -Why it’s important to be conscious with it  -How breathwork changed his life and anxiety  -The main energy center behind your belly button and why it’s important  -How unblock energetic channels in your body -How emotional trauma is stored and is connected to your physical symptoms  -Why we put weight on as protection mechanism  -How to get trauma out of your body  -The difference between meditation and breathwork  -The Sigh!! A simple easy technique to move energy!  -And more!   Please make sure to subscribe, rate, and review! Thank you for your continued love. As above, so below - let’s make this earthly experience a better one!    Kurtis’ Links: https://linktr.ee/manfromthestars Website: www.ManFromTheStars.com IG: @ManFromTheStars   Mentioned in the show: Use code cosmicbody for 10% off  Link: https://www.blushield-us.com/?ref=66   Moon circles:  https://daniellepaige.com/moon-circle/   VIP list sign up:  https://daniellepaige.com/newsletter-sign-up/
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