102 minutes | Mar 23, 2020

Amp coil: Healing with Sound & PEMF in a time of Viruses.

In this episode Danielle interviews Freddie Kimmel who is part of the Amp Coil leadership team and together they dive deeper into how sound frequency and PEMF are life changing tools to help your body clear out microbes, metals, and toxins and maintain optimal health and a strong immune system in this day and age - especially while living with the complexity of 5G, chemtrails, and a world of gmo’s. This episode is packed with so much information that will help your cosmic body you may even have to listen to it twice! We suggest you do!! *This is a tool that delivers gentle reminders to the body helping it remember it’s unlimited capacity to heal itself. You can connect with Freddie at www.freddiesetgo.com & www.ampcoil.com
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