160 minutes | Feb 26, 2021

Episode 192: Heather Wixson and Marc Gottlieb Celebrate the Life and Legacy of Daria Nicolodi

From Deep Red, Inferno, and Suspiria (which she also co-wrote) to Tenebrae, Phenomena, and Opera, Daria Nicolodi brought captivating characters to life on screen time and time again through a cinematic career that spanned four decades. While Nicolodi passed away in 2020, her legacy lives on, and after joining Heather Wixson for a previous Gialloween episode of Corpse Club, screenwriter Marc Gottlieb returns to Daily Dead's official podcast to once again join Heather for a special tribute episode to Nicolodi, whose work in giallo cinema will continue to mesmerize, enthrall, and inspire future generations for countless years to come.
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