49 minutes | Jun 1st 2020

#98: Your Next 3 Steps

Are you just starting to dabble in the idea of starting a business? Or have you decided you’re definitely starting one? Or maybe you’re already on your way! Wherever you are in the journey, you have 3 next steps ahead of you. With the creation of a new brand called The Global Phenomenon, I have 3 next steps too! And one of them always ends up being the doozie. This is how you can keep moving forward even when there are insurmountable tasks ahead. Bonus content: standing up for #blacklivesmatter in this time of reckoning. Like and Follow The Global Phenomenon movement on Facebook. As a great complement to this episode, download the Salary Replacement ONEYEAR Roadmap at: inacoveney.com/join Hear about future trainings and challenges by dropping your email at: inacoveney.com/join Watch video version of this episode at: inacoveney.com/98
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