68 minutes | May 18th 2020

#96: Introducing The Global Phenomenon

You will be a Global Phenomenon, but you probably have to keep those thoughts hidden from everyone you know. At some point it became taboo to dream bigger than everyone else around you, and it’s time to bring it back. You WILL take over the big stages, the big screen, and nail the big message. Here is the movement that will help you along in your journey. I would like to introduce you to The Global Phenomenon. A new initiative that intends to help you dream as big as you want UNAPOLOGETICALLY and with clear next steps to make your wildest goals come true. Are you in? Like and Follow The Global Phenomenon movement on Facebook. As a great complement to this episode, download the Salary Replacement ONEYEAR Roadmap at: inacoveney.com/join Hear about future trainings and challenges by dropping your email at: inacoveney.com/join Watch video version of this episode at: inacoveney.com/96
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