32 minutes | Mar 16th 2020

#86: The experts’ not-so-secret shortcut

Everyone wants to be an overnight success, but you know better. You know it takes time. At the same time, becoming successful in a single year has a LOT to do with this single shortcut: GET THE RIGHT HELP. Don’t be afraid to pay for help, communities and strategy. Here I tell you how to go from “I can do it all myself” and watch it develop slooowly, to “I can’t do this without help” and start achieving NOW. As a great complement to this episode, download the Salary Replacement ONEYEAR Roadmap at: inacoveney.com/join What did you think of this episode? Leave me a voicemail: 1-833-INA-YEAR (833-462-9327) Hear about future trainings and challenges by dropping your email at: inacoveney.com/join Watch video version of this episode at: inacoveney.com/86
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