17 minutes | Dec 22, 2020

CCA Podcast 237 – The Hitting Pyramid – Confidence

In this episode of the Cornerstone Coaching Academy Podcast, you will learn: What is confidence? Why confidence may not be what you think it is What math and weight lifting have to do with confidence? Can I hit Max Scherzer? Some tips for players struggling with confidence How to develop real confidence Resources of the Show: Week long batting practice plan - Totally FREE 5 sample Chaos Hitting Drills - Totally FREE  How Cornerstone Elite can help you create a player development hitting program in a team setting 6 week bat speed improvement program Recognizing, Diagnosing, and Fixing Common Hitting Flaws eCourse 50+ chaos hitting drills that target specific age groups and weaknesses The Batting Practice Continuum - eCourse Running a hitting assessment in a team setting, so you KNOW what players need to work on Blast Motion Games Training youth hitters 3 part series Groups of 4 Batting Practice competitions Monthly mini-clincs/Q and A's to get specific questions answered. More content added regularly
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