17 minutes | Dec 1, 2020

CCA Podcast 236 – The Hitting Pyramid – Elite Movements

In this episode of the Cornerstone Coaching Academy Podcast, you will learn: What are the 3 movements we focus on with limited time? Why these three movements got pushed to the top of my list. What implement can be used to address two of them How to address all three movements in a team setting during the competitive season Resources of the Show: Week long batting practice plan - Totally FREE 5 sample Chaos Hitting Drills - Totally FREE  How Cornerstone Elite can help you create a player development hitting program in a team setting 6 week bat speed improvement program Recognizing, Diagnosing, and Fixing Common Hitting Flaws eCourse 50+ chaos hitting drills that target specific age groups and weaknesses The Batting Practice Continuum - eCourse Running a hitting assessment in a team setting, so you KNOW what players need to work on Blast Motion Games Training youth hitters 3 part series Groups of 4 Batting Practice competitions Monthly mini-clincs/Q and A's to get specific questions answered. More content added regularly
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